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Guida turistica

My name is Nicoletta and I was born and raised in Florence. My love of art has always accompanied me throughout, and after my degree I decided to become a professional Tour Guide to share the pleasure I find in the beautiful, historical, cultural backdrop that is the city of Florence with visitors to this enchanting city.

I am a licensed guide of Florence, city and province. I speak English and Spanish.

Leonardo Lapo
Tour Guide

The study and passion for art, architecture and history have led me around the world. For nearly ten years I have been unveiling the enchanting beauty of my home town, Florence, to visitors who have come here for pleasure or study.  I can’t wait to enjoy the sights, share the mysteries, and uncover what I love most about this marvellous city with you.


Tour Guide

My name is Grazia and I am a tour guide in Pisa.

Before choosing to become a tour guide, I taught in an American University in Florence, Lorenzo de Medici Art School. I have travelled the world for my job; I love art, of course, but most especially history and music because it a universal language. I love the city of Livorno (Leghorn) for its Mediterranean atmosphere and its Jewish/Livornese cuisine which reflects the open-mindedness of the city.

Tour Guide

My name is Chiara and I am a Florentine through and through. I am passionate about travel, food and wine. After a diploma in languages, I decided to take a degree in Art History.  For years I have had the pleasure of uncovering the secrets of my wonderful city with tourists. I speak English and Spanish.

Organizer and back office

I was born between the Apuan Mountains and the sea in what is known as the Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea: Versilia.

Surrounded by the natural beauty of the area, in the presence of the marble and bronze workshops of the sculptures of the small city of Pietrasanta, “the small Athens”, I could not help but become passionate about art and sculpture in particular. My background, accompanied by my love of travelling, seen as a way to uncover new cultures and places, led me to take a degree in Architecture at the University of Florence and to write a thesis on Hypogeum construction in Lalibela, Ethiopia. For the past 15 years, I have been living in Florence and have been fortunate enough to mix my passion for art with my job as a guide.